Absolutely! Our kits are made in a nut free factory so our pots won't contain traces of nuts and are suitable for someone with a nut allergy.

Some of the kits do have nuts as an ingredient on the shopping list. However as you're in control of what you add you can omit these items. Especially when nuts are used as a garnish, such as cashew nuts in the Beef Rendang, skipping this as an ingredient won't impact on the flavour. 

The only dishes where nuts are essential to the flavour of the dish are our West African Peanut Stew and Bang Bang Chicken which ask for peanut butter in the sauce. The Moghul Chicken Korma requires almond flour as a necessity. You can avoid these dishes by marking them as 'bin' on your 'Food Preferences' page so that you won't receive them. 

Any other allergies, email hello@simplycook.com or check out our other article on managing allergies and intolerances.

Happy cooking!

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