Each recipe kit will come with a short shopping list of 4-6 items that should be easy to pick up from your local supermarket or convenience store. Items on the shopping list will include ingredients such as meat, vegetables, coconut milk, rice or pasta. You may occasionally be asked to add cooking oils or flour.

Make it your own!

What’s great about our kits is that they are flexible. You can always adapt the shopping list depending on what you have available at home or what's on offer. You can use the toggles on the website to see how to adapt the ingredients to cook for 4 people or to make it veggie! (certain recipes only, more coming soon!)

Make sure to also have a look at the ‘Make it your own’ section of the recipe card for ideas on how to make it milder, swap out ingredients or add extras!

Once you add the fresh ingredients, each portion will on average cost £3-5 including the price of the kit.

Find everything you were looking for? You can always email us at hello@simplycook.com

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