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All CollectionsWhat is SIMTICS? And if I'm interested, how do I get started?
How do I know that web-based learning is effective?
How do I know that web-based learning is effective?

And is it right for me (or my students)?

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Of course hands-on experience is the best way of learning a new skill--however you don’t have access to the necessary equipment and consumables all the time, nor an expert by your side to guide you.

Cognitive simulation has proven to be the next best way of acquiring and perfecting your skills, and that's what SIMTICS offers.

A large majority of procedural skills are cognitive (thinking skills) and SIMTICS online simulations are therefore a great way to learn that aspect. You can practice online and supplement any other learning activities you are undertaking. Our approach offers maximum flexibility for people with busy schedules--and you don’t need a special software or access to expensive equipment.

Our web-based simulations mean you can practice a procedure or skill as often as you wish, in a safe, risk-free (and non-judgmental!) environment, until you feel absolutely confident. This is a great way to prepare for a lab or clinical externship, and to practice procedures and skills that you may not be able to observe or participate in for any reason.

It's also hugely beneficial to go back and review skills that you have not been able to practice for a while, otherwise the brain simply starts to forget them (which is called learning decay).

If you are looking at SIMTICS for your own learning needs, you can trial a sample module for free and see if you like our style of learning.

Or if you are an educator wanting to evaluate SIMTICS for use at your school, you can request guest educator access to the content that's relevant for the program you teach.

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