What or who is SimTutor?

SimTutor Inc is the US company that owns the SIMTICS product

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We developed a unique, proprietary simulation authoring engine to power the SIMTICS product. As we improved it, it enabled us to build simulations more quickly and include new features. We started getting interest from people outside the healthcare education sector, and from people who wanted to create their own eLearning activities and simulations.

In 2014 we commercialized our simulation engine and created a standalone product called SimTutor Author, so that people in any industry would be able to create online simulation-based learning.

SimTutor Inc. is the US company which owns the two products, SIMTICS and SimTutor Author.

SimTutor Author has matured into a powerful platform that allows anyone to create their own interactive on-line learning and simulations. It's very easy to use, so you can get started within an hour or so and rapidly build new learning objects using media and training files that you already have, such as images, photos, video clips, 3D video, and slides.

You can read more about SimTutor and our two products, SIMTICS and SimTutor Author, at www.simtutor.com

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