What are the technical specs for using SIMTICS?

What kind technical requirements does SIMTICS need to run on my device

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SIMTICS is an app that runs in the cloud through a third-party browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.

Most modern computers with normal specs (e.g. for memory) are fine for accessing websites like SIMTICS. Mobile devices can work, but some simulations can be difficult to manipulate with the smaller screen. We recommend a computer or tablet, if possible.

You'll need a stable, reliable internet service, so there are no connection glitches while you are using our site. It's best to use DSL or cable broadband if possible, which gives you a high-speed, stable connection.

So in a nutshell, you'll need:

  • a modern computer or other device

  • up-to-date versions of the operating system and browser (we recommend Chrome, Edge and Firefox, which seem to always give the best user experience with SIMTICS)

  • a good, stable internet connection.

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