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SIMTICS domains and sub-domains
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SIMTICS is an internet application that runs in the cloud. This means it works online through your web browser, and requires access to the internet to deliver the eLearning modules and associated content to your device.

These are the main web domains that we use:

  • The SIMTICS application website, where learners log in to access the SIMTICS content. You need a username and password to log in here, or access through your school's learning management system if that is set up for your class.

  • This is the Group Administration and Reporting system that is provided for faculty and school administrators. A username and password are required to access this site.

  • Our public website with information about our company, SimTutor Inc, and both of our products, SIMTICS and SimTutor Author.

  • Our public website with general information about our SIMTICS product.

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