Invite Guests

To invite guests to a Site:

  1. Navigate to the Invitations tab in the web dashboard.

2. At the top of the page, click the Create Invitation button.

3. The Invite Guests form will appear.

4. Add guests by adding first and last names, and optionally mobile numbers and email addresses.

Note: If you wish to contact guests, an email or mobile number MUST be provided. When entering mobile numbers, select the country to automatically apply the ‘+’ code to the number i.e. selecting Australia applies the +61 code

5. (Optional) Click Add another invitee to invite multiple guests at once. A new row will be added every time you click the button.

6. (Optional) Add their company in the Company field.

7. (Optional) Click Add note to display a field which you can enter notes into.

These notes are not visible to guests and will be displayed on web dashboard.

8. Select the Site at which they will be attending, and the type of visitor they are.

9. Select which Host they are here to see. Use the search box if there are many Hosts.

10. Use the calendar interface to specify an entry and exit date/time.

11. (Optional) Click Add a custom message to the invitee to open a message field.

Anything entered into this field will be sent to the guest in their invite email.

12. Click Create Invitation to create your invites

Where to find Invites

Invitees will appear in a list where you can check them in, message them, edit their invite or cancel their invite. This list is found on the Invitations page, which you can navigate to by clicking the Invitations button on the sidebar.

Fifteen minutes before an invitee is due to arrive, they will also appear at the top of the Activity Feed.

To check an invitee in, click on their invitee logo in the Activity page or Check-in logo on the invitations page.

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