Many iPad displays can be set up on the same site, or on different sites. Each display can have a printer set up for printing passes, and any of these printers can be the default printer for mobile check-ins.

  1. Select Displays from the side-menu.

2. The Displays screen will appear.

This screen shows all displays logged in or associated with your Dashboard account. You can manage any one of these from this screen.

3. Select a display which you would like to manage by clicking on its Settings icon.

4. An Edit overlay will appear. This overlay lets you change the display’s name, the Site it is logged into and whether mobile passes print through it.

  1. iPad Name: Change the name of the display, so you can easily identify it in the list of displays.

  2. Set Site: This shows the site which the display is operating at. If you transfer iPads between sites, it is possible to use this option to change which Site the iPad is set to. Changing this option will immediately refresh the iPad, showing the new Site in place of the old one.

  3. Make Preferred Printer: When a guest checks into a Site through the mobile app, it is optional for a mobile pass to be printed from a printer. This toggle determines which iPad’s printer prints this pass. This setting can only be on for one display – if it is switched on for a second display, it switches the setting off in the first display.

  4. Delete Display: This disassociates the display from its Site, and logs SinePoint out.

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