Sine now integrates with Aerohive to provision guest-wifi access for your visitors.

Please note: 

  • This process should be completed by an IT Specialist with administrator access to your organisations Aerohive HiveManager account. They will also require Site Admin or above access to your Sine account.

  • This integration needs to be activated by Sine. Prior to attempting configuration, please chat with our support team who can assist.

  • Setting up a new User Group, to work with the Sine integration is required within Aerohive. Please see this article on how to setup a new Cloud-PPSK User Group with "Enable CWP Register" unchecked


1. Locate the Aerohive integration configuration via the Sine Dashboard. Sites > Select Site > Integrations

2. Within the Aerohive Integration settings, click Link with Aerohive and you'll be directed to the HiveManagerNG login page. 

Login with your HiveManager credentials:

3. Upon successful login, you'll be presented with a list of your VHMs. Select the one relevant for this configuration and click Authorise. Multiple VHM/s are not supported.

4. You will be redirected back to the configuration of your Aerohive integration via the Sine Dashboard:

The following information needs to match your HiveManager configuration:

User Group: Enter the user group name of your guest network. For accuracy, we recommend you copy this directly from within your HiveManager account. This can be found via HiveManage > Configure > Users > User groups.

Delivery Method: Choose the method in which your guest wifi credentials will be delivered. This is sent by Aerohive in the form of SMS, email or both. Please note that this should align with your User Group delivery settings. SMS must be activated in your Aerohive configuration for this to work.

Policy: The default "GUEST" should be used for unauthenticated users.  

The following are specific to your Sine site settings:

Visitor Types: Select the visitor type for this integration to apply to.

5. Once all fields have been completed, toggle status to green and enable your integration. Click SAVE to confirm the configuration.


 Visitors aren't receiving an SMS or email from Aerohive after check-in. 

Check that your Sine configuration is correct by reviewing logs in Aerohive's HiveManager. 

Within HiveManagerNG, browse to Global Settings> Logs> Email Logs/SMS Logs

If no logs are present, review your configuration within Sine as per the above guide.

If logs are present, Sine is communicating with Aerohive. Please contact Aerohive for further support. 

Please contact our team for further assistance with Aerohive configuration within Sine. For assistance configuring your Aerohive HiveManagerNG account, please contact Aerohive directly. 

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