When writing customer-facing copy, it's best to use an active voice (think action verbs) and a clear call-to-action. This eliminates confusion and allows customers to easily proceed from product discovery to checkout.

Here are some examples for you to consider for both the Product Finder widget and the Recommendation Summary:

1. Product Finder:


"Find your perfect <Collection Name>" (ie: Find your perfect summer dress)

"Choose your favorite <Collection Name>s" (ie: Choose your favorite tops)

"Discover your style"


"Like or Dislike for Instant Recommendations"

"Like or Dislike & Get Our Recommendations"

"Like or Dislike for Instant Styling Suggestions"

2. Recommendation Summary:


"Here are your top matches"

"Here are some great (<insert collection name> or products or styles) for you!"

"Best matches for your consideration"


"Selected based on Your Likes and Dislikes"

“These are recommended for you”

"These are your suggested (<insert collection name> or products or styles)

“We think you will love these”

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