Importing your own images/models/360 environments

Supported file types

3D models: FBX, glTF, OBJ with MTL
2D images: JPG & PNG
360 Images: JPG

If you want support for a new filetype, let us know here and we'll get on it.


Put 2D images in: 

eg. C:\Users\<your-username>\Documents\Sketchbox\Import\Image2D

Put 360 images in: 

eg. C:\Users\<your-username>\Documents\Sketchbox\Import\Image360

Put 3D meshes in: 

eg. C:\Users\<your-username>\Documents\Sketchbox\Import\Mesh

Importing assets

You can import PNGs, JPEGS, OBJs, GLTFs FBXs and 360° JPEGs into Sketchbox by tapping 'Import' and selecting a file that's already been moved into a /Sketchbox/import/ folder. %USERPROFILE% is a shortcut for your Windows user folder, for example: C:\users\<your-username>.


Saving, Loading, Versioning, Renaming


  • Renaming projects: Open settings, and tap rename. 
  • All changes made to a Sketchbox file are automatically AUTOSAVED.
  • Saved Sketchbox files can be found in %USERPROFILE%/Documents/Sketchbox and will have an .SBD extension. eg. C:\Users\<your-username>\Documents\Sketchbox
  • When you launch Sketchbox a new file is created automatically, and everything you do is autosaved. The Sketchbox file name will be the date the file was created, eg. 2017-08-16_13-22-34.SBD.


Undo/redo shortcuts

  • 'REDO': Move the left directional pad to the right to 
  • 'UNDO': Move the left directional pad to the left to 


Exporting FBX files from Sketchbox to use in Other Tools

To export an FBX of the current frame, go to Settings and tap 'Export to FBX'

In most tools you should be able to just drag and drop the exported file into your 3D tool and have it work as expected. If you have any problems you can try the following these steps.


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