What is Scenes  / What’s a VR Storyboard?

Scenes lets you link multiple VR scenes together, much like they are ‘slides’ in a powerpoint presentation or ‘frames’ in an animation. A VR Storyboard is what you get after linking multiple VR scenes together. It lets you to tell stories, explain user flows and prototype UX ideas.

Scenes are super useful for explaining VR/AR ideas and for film pre-production. They're often used to explain VR or AR idea to someone that’s not a developer or designer, like your client. See video below:


Tips for working faster with Scenes

  • If you are working through a user flow, or flow chart that you already have somewhere, like google docs we STRONGLY recommend using Oculus Dash to mirror your desktop in VR. Dash instructions here. It’ll be infinitely easier to keep track of what you’re building then taking your headset on/off to look at design docs.
  • By default, google docs and other browser tools are white, which are often blindingly bright in VR. If mirroring your desktop with Dash, we suggest using a chrome extension like Dark Mode which will invert the colors and stop your eyes from bleeding.


What are Viewpoints?

  • Each scene has one Viewpoint. The viewpoint is indicated by the ‘VR-head’, which shows the direction, location and scale of the viewpoint. Think of a viewpoint as you would a ‘Camera’ in a game engine. Only after you’ve added a second scene will the viewpoint be visible in the first scene. 
  • Viewpoints are always parallel with the floor of the world, which means if you want someone to look up in a particular scene, you’ll want tell them as you’re going through the presentation or add a visual indicator.


Presentation Mode

  • Shortcuts: Pressing ‘left’ or ‘right’ on the LEFT directional pad will move you to the previous/next scene. This is especially useful if you want to walk someone through a VR Storyboard that is not comfortable using the controllers.
  • When in presentation mode the controllers will be disabled by default to prevent the viewer from accidentally making changes to a scene.  


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