Import Models with Scale

When importing a model into Sketchbox (GLTF, OBJ or FBX) Sketchbox will read the model file, and import the model with whatever units were in the file (mm, cm, m, km, in or ft). Using ‘Model Settings’ you can change the units of any model. 

This is really useful if you want to keep the correct relative scale of objects you've imported.

House was imported with with Ft, then switched to M


Reset Scale & Position

The absolute size of the model (eg. 3m x 4m x 1m) is displayed in the ‘Model Settings’ panel. ‘Reset Position’ will move the model to the origin. ‘Reset Scale’ will reset the scale of the model (eg. 1x1x1)

Resetting Scale and Position


Size Indicators

The absolute size of every model is shown when you resize the model, or when you hover on one of the control points.

Making your X-Wing the right size has never been easier


Unit Settings for Projects

Every project has a unit setting, and can be switched between meters and feet.

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