At the moment, the 'scenes' feature is not available in the production version of Sketchbox because of a build error, to use Scenes - and access any of your existing Sketchbox projects that have scenes, you need to switch to the 'Scenes-legacy-support' version of Sketchbox, on Steam. 

Switching Sketchbox versions will NOT affect any of your saved work, or any of your import folders.

See video below for instructions:

  1. Install Sketchbox from Steam
  2. Right click on 'Sketchbox' from your steam library, select Properties
  3. Open the betas tab and select 'scenes-legacy-support' from the dropdown
  4. Re-launch Sketchbox in Steam

Scenes will be returning to the production version of Sketchbox within a few weeks and we apologize for the confusion.

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