Now that your SkyPrivate account is verified, you will need to make your profile visible on our site (, so the members can see it and afterward, add you on their Skype contacts list, to have a show with you. In order for your profile to be visible on the Public Profile Page, you will need to follow all the steps described below:

    1. Set the public personal information

    Here, you will need to set some details about you:
-your "stage" name
-hair color, breast size, etc.
-the category where you want your profile to be listed
-a description of yourself of minimum 50 words
-add minimum 5 tags (like #blonde #milf  #latina etc.)

 To do that, log into your SkyPrivate account and go to Settings--> Public profile-->Personal info, as in the picture below.

    2. Set an avatar to your profile

    An avatar is the main picture from your profile, which appears in a circle. To set an Avatar, log into your SkyPrivate account and go to Settings-->Public profile-->Change Avatar and click on "Change", as in the picture below.

    3. Upload real profile pictures

    You will need to upload real profile pictures with yourself (more pictures-the better for you), up to the maximum of 200. We recommend uploading Full HD pictures (1920x1080 resolution). For that, log into your SkyPrivate account and go to Settings-->Public profile-->Photo Gallery, as in the picture below.

    4. Be logged into the SkyPrivate plugin

    Assure that you are always logged into the plugin. As long as you are logged into the plugin, you will appear on our site ( and members can see your profile and add you on Skype to have a show with you.
    To see how you can download and install the plugin, please visit our FAQ page:

    5. Have the "Active" status on Skype 

    You will need to be logged into your Skype account and also assure that your status is set on "Active". If the status is set on anything else (Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline) you will appear as "Offline" on the Public Profiles Page. Take a look at the picture below:

    - By meeting these 5 steps, your profile will appear on our profiles page

    - For more details about the plugin's functions. please visit this article --> CLICK

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