When you sign up for Slate you book a set number of hours for your Keeper to spend in your home during the week.  For example, you may sign up for 1 hour each day, Monday through Friday, which is 5 hours each week.

As a general policy, we allow your Keeper to work up to an additional 15% of your weekly time before we automatically punch her out.

There may be a number of reasons why you'd want your Keeper to stay longer than what you originally booked for.  There may be extra tasks that you requested over time and they start adding up to more time than what you started with but never updated your subscription.  Maybe this week you had a party, or guests over, and needed extra help.  

Our system is now built to give you more control and flexibility.  When your Keeper reaches the end of the time you booked you'll get a notification (by push alert if you have the Slate app for iPhone and by email if you don't), asking if you would like to approve additional time for your Keeper for that week.

If you approve, you can select how much extra time to approve in 30 minute increments.

If you reject additional time or if you don't answer before the 10% allowance is up, the system will automatically punch your Keeper out and delete any remaining events for the week (if there are any).

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