We are updating our pricing structure on April 1st, so if you signed up for Slate before that you'll notice a few changes to your weekly bill.

The changes in a nutshell: Slate rates are now based how much time we spend in your home (instead of by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms); there's a small, flat Trust and Support Fee; and you can now give a tip to your Keeper in the app.

The details:

Hourly instead of by the room. We’ll put you on the plan that most closely resembles your current subscription. For example, if you have a 1 bed/1 bath, every weekday, subscription, we’ll put you on our 1 hour per day, every weekday subscription. For most of our users, the change in how we bill will not result in an increase in how much you pay. For some, it may mean that you’ll pay a few dollars more each day.  If we spend more time at your home in a week than what your plan covers, we’ll add the additional charge to your next invoice..

This plan better matches the service you receive to what you pay for.  We’ve learned that the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is not the most accurate indicator of how long it takes to complete everything we need to do. Keepers earn wages based on how long they stay in your home, so charging you based on any other metric isn’t the fairest or most sustainable practice for you or Slate.  If there is a lot to do, it costs more to get it all done. If there’s less, it costs less. This model is simple, straightforward and more streamlined.

This also means we can provide better wages for your Keeper. Since we launched Slate more than two and a half years ago we haven't changed our rates, while the cost of public transportation and minimum wage have gone up significantly. We believe in providing good wages and delivering excellent work.

Trust and Support Fee. Every week we’ll charge your account a low, flat $4.99 fee to cover expenses related to continually verifying and supporting your Keeper. We have enhanced our insurance coverage and background and reference check processes and streamlined our support team.

Tipping. You can now tip in app! We heard from many users who wanted to show their appreciation for their Keepers’ hard work but they didn't have cash around. No surprise there; who carries cash these days? We made it easy to select a completely optional tip amount at the end of each week; 98% of that goes to your Keeper and the other 2% goes to Stripe, our credit card processing company.

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