At Slate, our Keepers strive to dazzle our customers with our their top-notch housekeeping ability.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should NOT expect during the first week - not because they are unable to provide it, but because it will take some time to for them to get to know you and your needs personally!

What NOT to expect:

  • A series of daily “deep cleanings.” Our Keepers use your first week to get your place “up-to-par” - a task that may not necessarily be completed in 3-5 visits (although we try our very best!)
  • A 6-hour cleaning miracle in a 45-minute time slot. While conducting miracles is our business, our housekeeping partners unfortunately cannot do a Mary-Poppins-esq transformation every time - especially if your last cleaning was over a year ago.
  • Immediate mind reading. If you have something that you would like our Keepers to focus on specifically, please add it as a task and they’ll make sure to do it!
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