When we send you the High Resolution Artwork of your Logo, you will require an Artwork License from us.

We have 2 Types of Licenses

1. Personal License:

  • If you will use the logo for Personal Use Only (i.e. print your own T-Shirts, use it in private projects, etc). No Resale / your logo represents a Non-Profit Venture.

  • (Artwork Size: 5000px, transparent .PNG)

2. Commercial License:

  • If the logo will represent a For-Profit Venture (even if you don't sell the artwork directly or indirectly).

  • (Artwork Size: 8000px, transparent .PNG)

2.1 Commercial License + Branding Kit:

  • (Artwork Size: 8000px, transparent .PNG)

Please Note: you will received the high-res artwork of your Logo Only - not the accompanying background artwork. These are for print only.

⚠️ Since our artists work on commission (based on the type of license), it is important that you choose the correct license.

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