To set up your company/organisation profile, select the Settings tab and choose the Organization Profile option under the Organization Settings, menu as shown below:

You will then see the following form:

Fill in the form with the information of your preference. Click Save Configuration once your are done and the information is correct.

  • Name: Fill in the short name of the organization - for example: Sleekr.

  • Legal name: Fill in the full legal name of the organization - for example: PT. Mid Solusi Nusantara.

  • Organization Type: Select the type of activities your organization carry out. The available options are Services, Trading and Manufacturing.

  • Field: Specify the field of business/industry your organisation is in. For example: Culinary, Photography, Fashion etc.

  • Currency: Select the currencies used by your organization for its transactions.

  • Financial Year End: Date of financial year end; usually the end of the accounting period - normally at the end year, 31st December of that year.

  • Transaction Period Lock Date: Date your company started its bookkeeping activities with Sleekr Accounting.

  • Time Zone: The time zone where your business is located.

  • Billing address: Full address that is used to perform billing.

  • Shipping Address: Full address used for deliveries.

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