This feature enables you to input your company's Opening Balance. Opening Balance is the nominal at your company's disposal at the start your business operations in the balance sheet. 

To start using this feature, click on the Setting tab and then choose the Opening Balance option, as shown below:

You will then see the following:

If you see number (0) in any of the columns - it may well mean that there is (0) balance in the column you are looking at. Once you have input your beginning balance into its designated account, it will then show in the bottom of the page. If your debit and credit accounts are not balanced you will be notified that your data input is void balance your accounts are not balanced. 

  1. input or make adjustments to the opening balance to its designated account

  2. Click on the Save Opening Balance button once you are done. 

Once you are done with your opening balance management, you are then properly guided to begin making business transactions with Sleekr Accounting.

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