Sleekr Accounting now enables you to add a signature in the footer section of your invoices.

To add a signature to your invoices, click on the Setting tab and then choose Format and Template, as shown in the picture below:  

You will then be redirected to the following setup page:

Click on the Template tab and follow the steps provided below:

  1. Choose signature option: 1 - 4 signature. 

  2. Determine the name and position of signee.

  3. Upload a file containing the signature of the signee, and comply with the format recommended by Sleekr: 255 x 110 pxl and maximum file size of  8MB.
    Note: signature upload option is only available for 1 signature. For more than one signature we recommend that you print the invoice and manually sign the document.

  4. Click on Save Configuration once ou are done and all you have filled in is correct.

You will able to tick the Show Signature box to display your signature on your inbox. Alternatively untick it to hide your signature.

All of the above applies to your Sales Quote, Sales Order and Purchase Order.

Below is an example of a signature displayed on an invoice:

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