Decision makers and content creation managers should be assigned the Administrator profile. Administrators control the high level organization of collections and user assignments within projects. Administrators are distinct in that they are the only users able to invite more users or manage the profiles of others. Think of Administrators as the gatekeepers of Slope. Administrators can view and take action upon everything within an organization.

Administrators are the only users that can review and process work requests.


Members are typically the people on your team producing content, and submitting it for review. This permission is intended for your internal team, or your external agency. Members are intentionally unable to create collections as to allow Administrators to decide organizational structure. They can only view the collections to which they are invited as well as view all projects and assets within. Members are allowed to create projects and tasks, upload and download assets, assign work to admins and other members, and take all collaboration actions within tasks.


Partners are a special permissions level that is only intended to be used for people that need to chime in on the review and approval process, and have no other function in the content production process. Legal, brand departments, upper management, and clients are often given this permission. A partner’s dashboard will be filled with only those tasks on which their feedback or approval is required. Partners can also request work through the premium work request feature! 

Since partners are limited in their function we do not charge you for them. That’s right they’re free!

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