Requesting feedback on a deliverable is one of the cornerstones to the content lifecycle. We try and make it as straightforward and easy as we can in Slope. On any deliverable within a project you have two options when requesting someone to review the current version.

Requesting Feedback

Generally, the first step in the review process is to get initial feedback from colleagues, managers, clients, etc. For the reviewers to provide meaningful feedback they need some context or guidance. Slope allows you to provide that context when sending the feedback request.

With the appropriate context, everyone in the content creation process stays on the same page. Accurate feedback leads to faster turnover and higher quality results.

Requesting Approval

Feedback has been gathered, and work has been iterated upon. Maybe multiple rounds! The deliverable is now ready to ask for final approval before completion of that task. When requesting approval reviewers are given two options.

  1. "Approve Version" is intended to reflect the reviewers’ approval of what is being presented. This indicates that this reviewer is pleased with state of the content, and it is ready for distribution (or whatever the next stage is).
  2. "Require Changes" reflects the reviewer's need for something to take place before distribution, or the next step, whatever it may be. When selecting "Require Changes" Slope prompts the reviewer to explain their reasoning behind that choice to help the continuation of the project.
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