How can I delete my 'unmailable' contacts?

Contacts are not deletable from your App. Why?

TL;DR: The more customer data you have - the better your marketing.

Whether you signed up through Shopify or Big Commerce we're constantly doing a live sync with your eCommerce platform, which means they would only stay deleted until the next sync and they'd just populate right back in there.

However the more important reason why we don't allow you to delete contacts is because of Rare's predictive content and timing features that rely on as much customer data as they can get their data-mining hands on.

All of your customer data is valuable. Without it how would you know which products were most popular in your store over time? Or what time of year you get the most unsubscribes? The most valuable information is the predictive content information, which will analyze your store's historical shopping data to tell you which products are often purchased alongside other products. This information would be damaged or lost if you were to delete a chunk of contact data.


Why isn't my template saving???

Check to make sure you have no other tabs open with that template, and that no one else is attempting to edit the template at the same time as you.

One of the most common errors has to do with the autosave feature. If the same template is open on two different browsers or tabs at the same time, the autosave is constantly trying to save both edits, usually resulting in changes to one not sticking, or an inability to 'save' work being done.


How do I add products?

You can use either the ‘Store products’ drag and drop box or the ‘recommended products’ drag and drop box to add products to your template. Store products will let you pick specific products, while recommended products will pick products we think your customers will like based on their past shopping habits!


Why didn’t my campaign send?

There are lots of reasons why a campaign might not have sent -

  • Is the campaign set to “predictive?”; those will send out on a timed schedule over a 24hr period.

  • Is it scheduled for the right day?

  • Did you un-pause a scheduled campaign 10 minutes before it was due to go out? Campaigns need more than 10 minutes after being unpaused to re-queue themselves back into sequence to send. 

If your campaign hasn't sent and you've checked all of those things, do not pause and un-pause to try and 'restart it'. This may result in the campaign being queued to send twice and your customers receiving your email twice.


How do I cancel/Quit?

At Rare, we guarantee that you can generate more revenue from your email marketing than what you will pay anywhere else. Let us know why you are not happy, as we'd love to work with you and your store to make you the most revenue you can!

But if you're certain you must go - simply uninstall the app from the app section of your eCommerce Platform. 

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