Creating a Template for a new Campaign, Newsletter, or Automated Series is probably the most creative (and fun) aspect of email marketing. This is where you can really let your creative side loose to design stunning and visually dynamic Campaigns that draw the eye in and lead people to your Call-to-Action.

Not super creative? Don’t worry about it! We've pre-created gorgeous, battle tested Templates filled with ready to use graphics just for you!

In this document you will find:

Adding Pictures

Adding Text

Adding Store Products

Adding a Footer

Clicking on the “Templates” tab at the top of your page will bring you here to the Templates Page. If you haven’t made any Templates yet, this section will appear with a few of our pre-created Templates. You can choose to use these or create your own … it’s easy to get started—and addictive once you do!

In the top right hand corner of this page you’ll see the following:

The "FILE MANAGER" button will take you to your File Manager where you can view and/or upload all of your picture assets for creating new designs. Things like your store logo would go here.

The "NEW TEMPLATE" button is for creating a brand new template!

The "SORT BY" feature allows you to search for and find templates either alphabetically, according to when they were last edited, or simply by newest or oldest.                             

The Search Bar lets you search by keyword or by the name of the template you’re looking for.

Click “NEW TEMPLATE” to begin making a brand new email Template!


Clicking “NEW TEMPLATE” brings you to this screen, where you can either choose from a selection of generic preset Template marketing strategies, designer presets, or start from scratch by using a Blank Template.

You can also select from previously Saved Templates if you want to make changes to a Template you’ve already created to design your new Template (the original version will stay intact).

Whether you’re creating your new Template from a Blank Template or selecting from one of the pre-existing ones, you’ll wind up on the Template Editor page. For the following example a Blank Template has been selected.


This is the Template Editor. On the left is your blank canvas for creating your email, and on the right are the Content Blocks you can click and drag to create that email!


Each drag-and-drop design element has two tabs for customization: Content and Design.

Content is responsible for what is seen, i.e. picture, text, links, etc.

Design is responsible for how it’s seen, i.e. bigger, smaller, different colours, font, etc.

Clicking on any of the elements you’ve dragged into your drop zone will bring up the Content box where you can edit the text or add pictures. Clicking the Design tab will allow you to add things like padding, fonts, background colours and colour choices for any buttons or boxes you create in your template.


Adding Pictures

To add a picture to your Template, simply drag and drop the Image box into your drop zone. Once it’s in position, click on the grey placeholder image to bring up the picture options on the right hand side.

You can upload an image using the picture URL, or upload an image from your computer by clicking the small grey button beside the Image URL box.


Adding Text

Adding text to your Template allows you to really get personal with your customers. By making use of Rare’s Dynamic Tags feature, you can draw on all of the customer information gathered by Rare to create emails that are individually targeted to the people reading them.

Dynamic Tags allow you to populate your email with information unique to your customer. For example, a customer in Sweden might see this:

"Hello Elsa!Thank you for purchasing the Arctic Windz Goose Down Sleeping Bag on Oct. 20/17. We appreciate all of our customers in Sweden and know that you'll love our products as winter approaches.Looking to buy a gift for a friend? Use our Coupon: SAVE10 to get 10% off!" 

To learn more about Dynamic Tags and how to use them, check out our article about them here!



Adding Products

You can effortlessly add images of your actual store products to your Templates to really spruce them up! From the Quick Select Editor, choose up to three products you want to display, and then click and drag each one into your drop zone.

Another highly-effective way to customize and add engaging content to your Template is to make use of the Recommend Products content block.

Rare interprets customer data to generate what we call our Predictive Content or Recommended Products. Much like Amazon’s recommended products (or “Customers Also Viewed”) bar, Rare uses customer data to automatically suggest products that your customers highly likely to want … and it’s as simple as drag and drop!


To learn more about Predictive Content and how our Recommended Products code works, check out our documentation on it here.


The Footer Section is the final element, and must be included in all of your Templates. Recent spamming regulations stipulate that all marketing materials must include an option for customers to unsubscribe from receiving any new mail-outs. Our Template footers automatically contain Dynamic Code that displays an unsubscribe link for customers who no longer want to receive emails.

When you’re finished customizing your Template, you can preview it and send yourself a test email to make sure it looks the way you want it to, or save and exit the template creator.


Understanding the Content Blocks

Previewing & Test Emails

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