We want you to be able to make sure that your template is picture perfect before it goes out into the world. Using the Preview and Test options in the Template Editor allow you two different ways to make sure it's exactly how you pictured it before you send it live.

Now that you've created your template and you’re ready to see how it looks, simply click the “Preview” drop-down menu and select “Preview and Send Test” at the top of your screen.

Toggle between “DESKTOP” and “MOBILE” to see your Template as it will appear depending on which device customers are viewing it on: their computer screen or their phone/tablet. 



Sending a Test Email

Ready to send? Just one more step … send yourself a Test Email first—just to be 100% sure you are happy with the design of your Template.

In the bottom right corner you’ll see these buttons:


“SEND TEST EMAIL” brings up a window so you can send the Template to yourself and view it exactly as your customer will see it. You can even preview the email as a specific customer of your choosing would. Just enter your email in the top box, and the customer’s email in the bottom (or leave it blank) to view your finalized Template as your customers will!

Hit “OK” and you’ll be receiving your test email shortly!


The “CLOSE” button will take you back to the Template Editor where you can make any additional changes you want to the Template.

When you’re finished with your Template, click “SAVE & EXIT” to exit the Template Editor. (Otherwise your open Template will be autosaved every 30 seconds to keep up with your changes.)

Congratulations! Your Template is now ready to be used in a Campaign or Automated Series!

NOTE: The Rare platform is not designed for multi-use Template editing. If you are working on an open Template that is also open on someone else’s computer or in another window or tab, your changes will NOT be autosaved! Please ensure only one copy is open at a time when editing Templates.

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