Here are our recommended settings:

1. Pebble

Placement on night table - Place the Pebble close to the snorer, not the partner.

Sensitivity setting: start at the middle setting. You can adjust the sensitivity setting to detect your snoring more or less often. In a noisy bedroom you can decrease the sensitivity.

Do not. place the Pebble close to sources of noise such as a fan, AC vents, white noise machine or radio. If you have such a device in your bedroom, put the Pebble on the side of the snorer, and keep the noisy device on the opposite side of the bed.

2. Base Unit

Try the highest setting (maximum elevation of pillow). If you find it uncomfortable, adjust back to the middle setting.

3. Expander (white plastic insert placed within your pillow)

You'll notice the expander has three panels on each side. Locate the side with the wide middle panel and place this side face down within your pillow.

4. Use the 30 minute delay feature

Some customers will avoid unwanted/random inflations by consciously or unconciously moving their head off the pillow. Unfortunately in this scenario, the pillow insert cannot raise your head meaning that snoring will continue unabated. We recommend placing your head squarely on the pillow and activating the 30 minute delay to ensure you can fall asleep before your Nora begins to activate.

If Nora is still not picking up your snoring, please get in touch with us at

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