We recommend updating your firmware before setting up Nora.

Please click here for instructions.


1. Use the 30-minute Delayed Start

Smart Nora will wait 30 minutes before activating so you can fall asleep first.
Press and hold ON button for 3 seconds to activate the delayed start mode. Learn More

2. Adjust the Snore detection sensitivity

This helps Smart Nora detect early signals of snoring regardless of your bedroom’s noise level. Learn More

3. Adjust the height

You should always feel the motion in your pillow. But you can adjust it to your comfort by switching the levels on the Base. Learn More

The Pebble has a blue flashing light?

If your Pebble has a blue flashing light, that means it is not paired to the Base.
To pair the Pebble and Base:

  1. Unlock the Pebble (the Pebble should be off, and all LED lights automatically off).

  2. Connect the Pebble and the Base with the USB cable

  3. Turn on the Base

  4. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button on the Pebble. A purple light will flash on the Pebble, then stop flashing when a connection is established. Press the Bluetooth Button once to manually activate the pump to test the connection.

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