Looks like the bluetooth connection between the Pebble and Base is broken.

To reestablish the connection, follow these steps:

Make sure your cellphone or any other Bluetooth enabled devices are away from the Pebble and Base.

1. Turn the Base and Pebble OFF
Make sure the Base and Pebble are not connected with the USB cable and then turn both
of them OFF.

2. Lock the Pebble
On the back of the Pebble using the lock switch, “lock” the Pebble.

3. Turn ON the Base, and connect USB Cable to the Pebble

4. Unlock the Pebble and keep the Pebble OFF. All LED lights should be off.

5. On the Pebble press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 3 seconds. Purple light will flash.

When the purple light stops flashing, turn the Pebble ON, the LED should show a solid white light. Nora is now ready.

If the purple light keeps flashing for more than 10 seconds, make sure there is proper connection with USB cable on Pebble and Base. Make sure the Base is ON and you see the solid white light.

If this does not solve your issue, please proceed to reset your Smart Nora.

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