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How secure are the devices?
How secure are the devices?

What steps have you taken to ensure the devices cannot be hacked or my personal data stolen.

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Updated over a week ago’s hub and sensors are designed to be very secure and are not designed to control any devices or act as a payment solution. This means no customer information, credit card data or financial information is stored or communicated from or to any of our devices.

Many WiFi devices (including the hub) are enabled with a function/mode where they act as an Access Point (AP). This mode is used to establish a connection to another wireless networking device such as a phone, camera, computer or during WiFi setup. However, unlike say a portable speaker, where new connections are established frequently, devices only use this mode briefly during setup, after which the function is disabled. After disabling this AP function, the device cannot be directly accessed from outside the network. To enable this function again the user must manually reset the device using a unique button press sequence.

Many other network devices on the market currently do not or cannot disable these AP functions which can present a network security risk that devices do not have.

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