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How to make a shift swap
How to make a shift swap

Let your employees interact with the rota

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If your employees click on a day in the rota, that day will open:

If an employee who does not have admin rights click on their own shift, the page will look like this:

On this page can I, as an employee, choose between two things. I can either hand over my shift to a colleague or try to make the shift available.

Hand over shift

Let us say I will try to hand over my shift to James. I will just click on “Hand over shift”:

Now I will choose to handover my shift to James. When I have done this, James will receive a message that says I want to hand over the shift to him. If James chooses to accept the handover, he will appear as the new owner of the shift.

If you, as an administrator, want to have full control over the shift swaps, this is possible. You can just go to your settings and choose that all shift swaps need admin approval:

If you decide that the swaps need admin approval you will be notified every time your employees try to swap shifts. Then you decide if you want to approve the swap or deny it.

Make shift available Sometimes an employee just wants to be substituted without having to ask one specific colleague. If this is the case, the employee can click “Make shift available” instead. Then the schedule will say that the shift is available and another employee can take it.

When one of Jessicas colleagues click on the specific day, they can take over the shift for her:

This also means that as an employee it is not possible to evade the responsibility for a shift. It will always be the assigned persons shift until a colleague has accepted a handover or requested the shift you have made available. Furthermore, if admin approval is used on the account, the employee also needs to get the swap approved before the swap is final.

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