SmartVault integrates directly with Intuit's Lacerte or ProSeries tax apps, and appears as a print destination. 

You may need to change your client IDs in SmartVault to match the latest client IDs in Lacerte or ProSeries. 

There are a number of reasons why a client ID changes in Lacerte/ProSeries. Below are some examples:

  • Filing status change – For example, a client may get married, so now they have a new client ID for both the client and their spouse’s joint return.
  • You switch tax programs You may switch tax programs and your clients have been re-assigned new client IDs.
  • You rebuild your Lacerte/ProSeries database – You have to rebuild your Lacerte or ProSeries database which results in new client IDs.

You can change clients IDs in SmartVault for any reason. 

Changing Client IDs in SmartVault

1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
2. Right-click the client's name, and select Export data.

3. Click Browse, select a location for the client data, and click Save.
4. Click Next.

5. Click Exit after it says Completed next to the client's name. 

6. Right-click on the client's name again in the Connected Desktop and select Delete client.

7. In Lacerte or ProSeries, make a copy of the client, and assign the copy a new client ID/File Number.
8. From the Connected Desktop, go to File > Import Data.

9. Import the client with the newly assigned client ID from Lacerte or ProSeries.
10. Create client engagements for each year you had originally.
11. Drag and drop the client data from your locally saved backup you created in step 3 to the Connected Desktop. 

If you have questions about this process, contact our support team

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