The SmartVault Outlook plug-in uses auto-text messages for the following tasks:

  • Sending message with links
  • Uploading files
  • Uploading attachments
  • Requesting files

You can customize the following auto-text properties:

  • Background color
  • Font color
  • Font

Customizing Auto-Text for the Outlook Plug-In

1. Download and install the SmartVault Outlook Plug-in.
2. Open Outlook and create a new email.
3. On the SmartVault area of the Outlook toolbar, click Send Link > Setup.
4. If necessary, enter a new background color in the Background Color field.
5. If necessary, enter a new font color in the Font Color field.
6. If necessary, enter a new font size or font name in the Font field.
7. Click OK.

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