The SmartVault Drive lets you access your files from SmartVault directly from the File Explorer on your computer. This can save you time when you move files between your desktop and SmartVault. 

You can map the SmartVault Drive on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, Microsoft 2008 and 2012 Servers, and Mac OS X. 

In order to use the SmartVault Drive, you must first map it. 

Mapping the SmartVault Drive

1. From your computer, open the SmartVault Launchpad.
The SmartVault Launchpad desktop shortcut is added when you install the SmartVault desktop software.
2. Click SmartVault Drive

3. Enter your email and password. 

4. The default folder is the Z:\ drive. To select a different drive, click the menu drop-down and select a different folder. Then click OK. The drive is now mapped and ready for use.

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