Your web designer can design a customized button for your website so that you can use it to link directly to your custom SmartVault URL. 

Please note that SmartVault does not support or provide any customized buttons that are premade as it may require customized advanced coding and a custom made sized image to fit your site and color scheme. 

SmartVault requires an outside link to prevent problems if your main website is hacked. By requiring links with redirection to our secure site, we prevent any security issues arising from the firm's main site. This practice prevents the capture of SmartVault usernames or passwords.

Note: Only administrators can customize the URL for their SmartVault account. Create your own custom URL first so that you have a link to provide to your web designer. Follow the steps instructed below.

Creating a Custom URL for Your SmartVault Portal

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
2. Click the gear icon on the top right of the screen.

3. Under Manage Portal Styling, click Custom Branding.

4. Specify a subdomain name for your portal and click Add.
Once you have added the URL, the full URL is listed with https:// in the beginning, and .smartvault.com added at the end. 

5. Provide this URL to your web designer so that they can use it to link your button from your site to the SmartVault Portal.

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