For security and compliance purposes, it's important to be able to audit who has accessed sensitive documents. 

You may need to be able to know when someone uploaded, downloaded, deleted, or changed the properties of any document, or who changed access settings on a vault or folder. 

The Activity Log does just that.

Who Can View the Activity Log

The Activity Log is available in all SmartVault plans except Basic 2016 and Team 2016.

This includes all SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans as well as the Professional 2013 and newer Pro plans.

Viewing the Activity Log

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
2. Select the account, vault, or folder for which you want to view the Activity Log.
3. Right-click and select View Activity Log.

4. From the User Type menu, select the type of user you want to view activity for. 

  • Select All if you want to view activity for all users, clients, and guests. 
  • Select Users if you want to view activity for only client users. 
  • Select Guests if you want to view activity for only guest users. In a Tax Plan, tax clients use a Guest license.

5. In the From Date and To Date fields, specify the start and end dates.
Note: We recommend no more than 3 months.
6. If you have selected a vault or folder and you want to include activity for all subfolders, enable the Include all subfolders checkbox.
7. Click View. SmartVault displays the activity log for the selected item.

8. You can export this information.

  • To export the activity log to a CSV file, click Export to CSV
  • To export the activity log to Excel, click Export to Excel.

Note: A warning message may appear which says that the Excel file you are trying to export has a different format than specified by the file extension. Click Yes.
9. When you are finished, click Close.

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