For live stream projects, you can connect to any broadcasting APP of choice using an RTMP Link and Stream Key. To get started here are two of our recommended APPs for mobile and desktop users:

  • Larix (Mobile APP)

  • OBS (Desktop APP)


Larix broadcaster can be found on the IOS and Andriod app stores. It offers an easy-to-use interface that enables you to stream directly to the Smartzer player.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can scan this QR code to quickly set up Larix with the recommended settings:

Or follow this link:


To connect, simply set up a new 'Connection' in the app settings and copy in the RTMP link and Stream Key from the Smartzer Project in the URL section. Please note, here you will need to combine the RTMP link and stream key in the Smartzer editor into one URL using a / (eg: rtmp://

You can manually check the recommended settings using the following:


OBS is an excellent open-source desktop software that makes it easy to stream a wide range of inputs and manage them accordingly.

Here is a detailed article outlining how to use OBS to stream in a pre-recorded video.

To connect to the Smartzer editor, simply copy the Stream Key into the Stream Key field in the OBS 'Stream' settings.

When streaming into the Smartzer player we recommend the following settings are also applied to start out with:

These settings have proven to work well for vertical streaming. Feel free to tweak them as you see fit however when testing.

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