If you're a Shopify merchant, you will likely be using Shipping Profiles in your Shopify admin to manage shipping costs for your business.

*Please note that the shipping costs you set in Shopify are unrelated to the shipping costs displayed in the Smoke Drop app. We charge you the flat rate shipping costs displayed in the app, regardless of what your end customer may pay for shipping.

What are shipping profiles?

Shipping profiles help you charge accurate shipping rates through product-based shipping rules. You can use shipping profiles to set shipping rates for specific products, and charge different amounts based on where you're shipping your products to and from. You can add products that should share shipping rates to a shipping profile, and then set up shipping zones and rates for each location that fulfills those products.

When should I use shipping profiles?

By default, each Shopify store is created with one shipping profile that contains your general shipping rates. For businesses with a simple shipping setup, creating general shipping rates is often sufficient. For businesses that manage products and locations that have different shipping costs and regional availability, additional shipping profiles help keep shipping costs accurate and easily managed.

Simply put, anyone dropshipping products from multiple suppliers should be using shipping profiles unless you plan to offer free shipping on all orders.

Shopify merchants who dropship usually create shipping profiles for each shipping cost. For example, if Supplier 1 has a $5 shipping cost for all products, you can create a shipping profile containing all products from Supplier 1 and assign it a $5 shipping rate.

Any customers who order a product from this shipping profile will be charged $5 shipping.

If Supplier 2 charges $3 for shipping, you can repeat the steps just mentioned and create a new shipping profile with a $3 shipping rate.

Considerations before you use shipping profiles

  • Learn how to create shipping zones and rates - Each location in each profile can have its own shipping zones and rates. Before you create a shipping profile, make sure you understand how shipping zones and shipping rates work and how best to use them for your business.

  • Consider apps that affect shipping - If you use apps that affect your shipping settings, then your shipping profiles might not work as expected. Before you use shipping profiles, contact the developers of the apps that you use to make sure that they work with shipping profiles.

  • Consider how rates are combined at checkout - If an order contains products that ship from different locations or profiles, then each shipment's shipping rates are added together to produce a combined rate at checkout. This can lead to high shipping costs at checkout for your customers if large orders are not considered when creating shipping rates. For more information, refer to Combined rates at checkout.

Combined rates at checkout

If you decide to create multiple shipping profiles, or have multiple locations within profiles, then some orders might contain products from different profiles or locations. When this happens, the separate shipping rates for each product are added together. This provides the customer with a single shipping rate at checkout.

Price-based shipping rates and weight-based shipping rates are combined differently. When combining price-based shipping rates, Shopify combines rates that apply to the total price of the cart. When combining weight-based shipping rates, Shopify combines rates that apply to the weights of the individual products.

Refer to the examples below:

Why don't suppliers ship orders using the courier the customer selected at checkout?

With Smoke Drop, the supplier chooses which courier they use to fulfill dropship orders. The courier selected by your customer at checkout does not affect your Smoke Drop orders.

Why do I have to pay for shipping when my customer already paid for shipping?

The shipping cost you charge customers on your site is unrelated to your Smoke Drop orders. We will always charge you the flat rate shipping costs displayed in the app, regardless of what your customer paid.

How much should I charge my customers for shipping?

We recommend setting up your shipping profiles in Shopify to match the shipping cost you are charged by Smoke Drop. You can create a shipping profile for each shipping cost, so that the amount paid by customers resembles what you will be charged.

For more information on creating shipping rates, check out Shopify's guide - https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/setting-up-and-managing-your-shipping/setting-up-shipping-rates

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