Various prices are displayed on the Search page and Products page in the app.

On the Search page, Cost and Retail prices are displayed on each product card.

Cost is the wholesale price of the product.

Retail is the suggested selling price of the product, also referred to as the MSRP.

On the Products page, Cost, Price, Min. price, and Shipping Cost are displayed.

*Please note that the Products page only applies to dropship users.

Price is the suggested selling price or MSRP.

Min. price is the minimum allowable price (MAP) or the lowest price a product can be advertised at.

The Min. price is set by the supplier. You may not set your Price lower than the Min. price.

Shipping cost displays the flat rate cost to ship one unit and the additional cost for any added units in an order.

The Shipping cost may also display ‘Calculated’ which means the shipping cost is calculated using live carrier rates during order checkout.

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