To edit dropship products, you must first add them to your Products page.

To do so, select Dropship on any product card from the Search page. This will add the product to your Products page.

You can also add a product by selecting Dropship Today from any Product Detail Page.

Once you’re ready to edit products you’ve added, go to the Products page.

On this page, you can edit the following product details:

  • Product Name

  • Description

  • Price (MSRP)

  • Tags

To edit the Product Name, find the product on your Products page and update the Product Name field under the General tab.

To add a product tag, enter a new tag and select Add. You can delete an existing tag by selecting the X icon next to the tag.

To edit the Description, select the Description tab above the product image.

Make any changes to the description using the text editor or HTML.

To edit Price, first select the Variants tab.

From here, you can enter a new price for each product variant.

When you’re finished editing product information, select Save.

To cancel any changes you’ve made, select Cancel.

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