Only orders in Pending status can be paid for in the app.

To pay for a dropship order, first go to the Orders page.

Select View Details on the order you would like to pay for.

At the bottom of the Order Summary, select Add to Cart.

Your order has now been added to your dropship cart.

To add multiple orders to your dropship cart, select the checkboxes next to each Pending order on the Orders page.

Next, select the Actions dropdown, then select Add to Cart.

Select Add.

When you’re ready to complete your dropship order checkout, select the cart icon in the top right corner.

Next, select Dropship. (You can also select My Cart, then Dropship to go directly to the dropship cart)

On the Dropship Cart page, you will see every order that is ready to be paid for.

Select Proceed to Checkout.

(Any orders that do not have enough inventory available will not be included.)

On the Payment page, you can choose to pay with orders credits or one of your payment methods.

If you do not have enough order credits to cover the total cost, the remaining amount due will be paid for using the payment method you select.

After selecting your payment options, select Proceed to Review.

Next, you will be prompted to enter a code sent to the phone number provided to authenticate your purchase.

Enter the code you receive via text and select Submit.

A success message will appear on the screen when the authentication is complete.

You will then be taken to the Review page where you can review:

  • The cost of each order

  • Total cost of all orders

  • Total order credits being used

  • Final amount due

  • Payment method selected

When you’re ready to finish checking out, select Complete your order.

Once payment has been completed, a confirmation page will display all orders that have been paid for.

All orders will update to Ordered status.

You’ve successfully paid for dropship orders in the app.

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