👉 Note: Every snacking plan features 12+ snacks monthly, with your first month receiving a SnackSack tote bag. Fill up your SnackSack every month with new fresh snacks!

Start your smarter snacking journey by choosing from 4 unique snacking plans. Our most popular snacking plan is Classic. You'll find your favorite types of snacks, sweet and savory, but made with real ingredients, and free of artificial junk. We feature a mix of non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade, and all-natural snacks in Classic. These could include popcorn, chips, cookies, puffs, jerky, energy bars, fruit snacks, and many more unique creations.

You can find the same amazing smarter snacking in our other snacking plans, but tailored to your dietary preferences. If you're looking for an entirely plant-based snacking experience, look no further than Vegan. For those searching for a snacking plan free of gluten, Gluten-Free is all you. We also combined these 2 plans, to create an ultimate Vegan+GF snacking plan. It's completely dairy-free and gluten-free!

Our monthly curation is based on seasonal themes and flavors, all from top notch brands you're sure to enjoy. Unfortunatley, we're currently not able to customize further than these snacking plans.

Send us an email, or a quick chat message if you have any questions.

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