Spam can lead to negative impacts for all our users, so it’s important that your emails comply with applicable laws. We take many protective measures beyond what is required by law to help prevent spam and protect our platform.

Snappy Kraken requirements

We have rules and regulations all our users have to abide by. You must follow Snappy Kraken anti-spam requirements and any other laws that may apply to your business. We also have some additional requirements in place to help protect our service, our users, and their contacts.

Here’s an overview of what you’re responsible for:

  • Third-party lists of email addresses are prohibited under our Terms of Use. This includes purchased or rented lists and lists scraped from third-party sources including public websites. Your audience should be collected entirely by you.

  • An unsubscribe link must be in every email campaign you send.

  • You must abide by Snappy Kraken anti-spam requirements. Emails you send through Snappy Kraken must comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, even if your business is outside the United States.

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