You might have noticed that there are a few different types of form submissions that come from Snappy Kraken, depending on the campaign. Keep reading to make sure you’re managing them correctly. We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities!

There are two types of form submissions that can come from our Lead Generation campaigns: (1) Opt-In Landing Page Form Submissions, and; (2) Tripwire Page Form Submissions. Here’s a quick reminder of what to do with each:

Opt-In Landing Page Form Submissions

  1. This means that somebody opted into your email list in exchange for the offered download.

  2. Make sure that this lead goes into a group.

  3. Place this lead into a nurturing campaign, such as the 8 Week Prospect Nurturing, to get them acquainted with you and your firm.

  4. If they don't respond after this campaign, try the Prospect Appointment Offer Personal Connection Video to keep you face-to-face and top of mind with your prospects.

Tripwire Page or Lead Magnet Form Submissions

  1. This one is important! If somebody fills out this form, they want a callback.

  2. If a contact fills out this form, they are automatically removed from the campaign's promo emails. If you’ve placed them in an appointment request nurturing campaign, we recommend you unsubscribe them if they’ve requested a call. Here's how you can view your form submissions.

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