How will my name and email appear on my Snappy Kraken automated marketing campaigns?

This information will be used to automatically brand and personalize all of your marketing materials including landing pages, emails, downloadable guides, and more. Our campaigns will create buttons and reply features using the email address and website as well.

For our full privacy policy, please click here.

How will my email address be utilized on the platform?

The email address entered into the business information section will be used as the sender address for outgoing emails. This email address will also receive notifications from the Snappy Kraken platform when contacts take action on a campaign. We suggest using a professional business email that your contacts are familiar with and is approved by your compliance (if applicable).

Can I update my business information later?

Yes! After completing the step-by-step wizard you will have access to your Snappy Kraken account. At that point, you can open account settings and change information. Here is a guide on how to change account information.

Can my marketing come from my company name or multiple advisers?

Yes, it can!

You may use the "first" and "last" name fields as your company name (example: "Financial" and "Company," others use, "Your team at" & "Financial Company." This requires extra attention in your marketing materials. You can also use two advisers (example: John Doe & Jane Doe"). For more information, please click here.

Our campaigns are designed with the voice of one particular adviser. Make sure to read all emails to ensure they are personalized to your liking.

Another Option: If you have more than two advisers that would like to use Snappy Kraken marketing, you can contact our Sales team at 844.762.7795 Option #1 or for other options.

How is my email sent for campaigns?

Members register their email sending domain with us and adjust their DNS records for a deeper level of email sending authenticity. This is covered here in the Email Domain Connection FAQ.

Can we journal for compliance?

If a member’s broker-dealer requires email journaling, we have an option for that. We simply require a journaling address for us to BCC all emails sent from members of that broker-dealer. Please ask your broker-dealer to provide you with the preferred BCC email address. This setting is administered by Snappy Kraken and it is not changeable by individual members. We have a failover process for journaling BCCs which includes limited retry as well as EML file storage in archive. A CSV file of email counts and BCC counts can be emailed daily to the broker-dealer if requested.

Best Practice: BCC to an email address that is used exclusively for the purpose of journaling.

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