It’s very common for new leads to take time before they’re ready to book an appointment. We’ve found that a new opt-in generally fall into one of three categories. Each category moves at its own pace for its own set of reasons.

Those three categories are:

  1. Fast Movers who are ready to make a decision now. This type of prospect is why we include appointment forms on the Tripwire page of our campaigns and promote appointments in the download delivery follow-up emails.

  2. Medium Movers who will engage and read everything before maybe making a decision. This is why having a mid-bottom of funnel strategy is so important. This prospect is nearing a decision and it’s your time to shine and impress them!

  3. Slow Movers, often thought of as dead leads, who will take years before moving forward. Time and time again, we’ve seen advisers win appointments with slow movers because they were consistent and patient. It takes little effort to leave an email on your list - don’t miss out on these opportunities! Remember, the goal with nurturing is to be the first adviser that comes to mind when this prospect is ready to make a move.

Your Success team is your best ally in nurturing these prospects. Be sure you’re strengthening your monthly nurturing strategies by either emailing the team at, requesting a 1:1 Strategy Consultation here, or attending the Success workshops at least once a month (sign up here).

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