We love it when members come up with creative ways to repurpose our content and automation! Please follow the guidelines and suggestions below for the best way to get the maximum use out of your Snappy Kraken subscription.

4 Acceptable Ways to Reuse Our Awesome Content!

  1. Turn Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter posts into Instagram posts. Remember to include the link to the campaign, so that you can capture leads!

  2. Use our PDFs and Landing Pages in your email signature.


  3. Expand Campaign topics into blog posts. Use parts of a campaign and the images to start a blog post. Be sure to include a link to the campaign landing page somewhere in the blog!

  4. Turn a Lead Generation page into a QR code that links back to the Campaign. If you have swag for your prospects and clients a QR code is a quick way to make sure they have access to content quickly!

Want to learn more about how to repurpose our content? Check out this blog!

Unacceptable Use of Our Content

  • Loading our content into a competing marketing automation platform.

  • Using content in a way that misrepresents Snappy Kraken or misleads consumers.

  • Copying and pasting our content without any attribution or links back to the Snappy Kraken Campaign.

  • Using another mailing service to distribute content.

  • Failing to give attribution to Snappy Kraken by adding landing page links.

If your cancel your Snappy Kraken membership, all rights to use our content are revoked.

If you have questions about what is allowable, don't hesitate to contact us at engage@snappykraken.com

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