Great marketing is all about creating meaningful connections that drive business. Automated marketing is a systematic process of getting someone’s attention and moving them further down the buyer’s journey until they’re ready to make a commitment (which is often long after you’re ready!).

This doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we have campaigns for each stage of the buyer’s journey. We automate this process for you with engaging content that continually builds meaningful connections so prospects think about YOU when they’re ready to take action.

When viewed from this perspective, every email open, link click, and page view is a positive result. It means you’re getting their attention. Launching new campaigns every single month to all of your groups helps to increase opportunities for more opens, click, and views. More of those activities lead to a highly desired form submission.

Think of it this way: You want to climb Everest or lose 30 pounds. If you take small, intentional steps in a progressive order (strength training and building endurance at the gym, getting the proper nutrition, getting the right amount of rest, etc.), you’re more likely to reach your ultimate goal. If you go all in and expect immediate results, you’re more likely to burn out.

The same is true with marketing. Take intentional steps every month to nurture and build connections and then you’ll create the environment for consistent results - leads!

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