Our Personal Connection Videos are the easiest way to keep you top of mind and face-to-face with your contacts. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Be you!

  2. Keep a clean background.

  3. Use good audio and lighting.

  4. If necessary, make sure you have compliance approval to post videos on a platform

There are a few teleprompter apps we recommend using as well when you get started:

  • Zacue – This website is free to use. Just copy/paste your text and start reciting your script. There are options that allow you to adjust the view, speed, and font.

  • PromptSmart Pro – This is a subscription available on PC or Mac. They have a free version and a few different paid tiers for extra features. This is a great teleprompter app that scrolls with the sounds and speed of your voice. You can import any text file as well.

  • Teleprompter Pro 2 (iPhone or iPad) – This is a good basic teleprompter app. It’s free, and it allows you to import any text file.

  • iCue Prompter App (iPhone or iPad) This is an excellent app for any teleprompter need. It’s a paid app (7 – 10 bucks). You can use its basic features or use advanced features for a smoother workflow. HTML and Word doc are best for this app.

Additionally, we have a recording of a great webinar we had with FiComm Partners, Megan Carpenter and Candice Carlton.

Whether you want to level-up with video, or you’re looking to just START already, you’ll find awesome tips and motivation here.

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you stand out on video!

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